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Blatantly copied from Wes Bos' /uses page, I decided to list what I use in my everyday life. I don't know, you may be curious?!? 😆

My terminal with this site's actual commit history. Please, don't judge 😅

Dev Life

Shell configuration

I spend a lot of time on my terminal and I have to say I freaking love iTerm2. I tried other terminals over the years, but I always come back to it.
I have a bazillion plugins installed on it, but my favourites are:

Main tools


  • Bear App

    I could talk for hours about Bear. It's a markdown note-taking app, but it's more than that. I use it to write my work tasks every week, blog posts, plan holidays, jot down quick notes. It's perfectly fine on the free plan, but I can assure you: it's one of those apps where you actively feel the need to pay for the paid plan because they deserve it.

    I swear, I have an Android phone and I'm considering switching to iPhone just for their mobile app, I'm not kidding.

  • Notion, it's the best when it comes to organising large documents into categories and it has many layouts and templates to choose from.


  • Spark

    It's a great email client, with a "smart" inbox, with the option to send delayed emails so you don't bother people outside of office hours

  • Slack


These are all the little pieces of software I couldn't like without. Seriously, Mac OS should have these built-in.

  • Paste

    Fast clipboard manager, I wouldn't be able to function without it.

  • CleanShotX

    Working 100% remotely I'm constantly taking screenshots and videos of my work to share on Slack and this app does it best.

  • Magnet

    A fantastic window manager for Mac OS.

  • Rocket

    A fantastic emoji picker 🚀 💯


It's Dank Mono. It's not cheap (a personal license goes for 24£), but it's freaking beautiful, especially on retina displays.